Guideline LXi 13'9 #8/9 Rod

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They have given these rods a new overall look with custom designed handles, solid, no-nonsense reel seats and a cool set of stripper guides and snakes that make them tough and hard working tools. 


  • 40/48 Ton graphite Brand new tapers and actions,
  • Custom designed AAA grade cork handles,
  • Guideline multi weave tapers,

New solid no-nonsense Reel seats Guideline moves into FRS with the US built Reaction Rod Series Nano technology is increasingly present in our lives today. In the manufacturing process of fishing rods, it has been a hot topic over the last couple of years. Super small graphite particles added into a special resin form a bridge over the gaps between the fibres in the graphite cloth. This strengthens a blank by up to 30%, especially against deformation and compression, caused by severe bending at steep angles, which is the most common cause of rod breakage. To take full advantage of the bonding characteristics between the graphite cloth and the resin (glue) during the baking process of a blank, extreme sophistication is required and only a handful of factories have the state-of art machinery and ovens suited for this process. The importance of exact time and temperature management has proven as crucial as the components and workmanship themselves in order to achieve maximum performance and strength from the blanks that come out of the ovens. Needless to say that in a 30+ step manufacturing process, any rod is never better than its weakest link. This joint venture between Guideline and one of the most advanced and well respected rod manufacturers in the US takes full advantage of hands on craftsmanship from experienced local staff, as well as one of the most modern and innovative rod factories available anywhere.

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