Snowbee XS 2D Fly Lines

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3D Spey Line System .
On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the D loop is not a limiting factor. Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension.  
Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork. The Snowbee development team has tackled this situation head-on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for spey casting in just about any river environment.  
Snowbee 3D Salmon Lines are all available in Floating, Sink Tip and Intermediate densities and each one in 51ft (1D), 62ft (2D), and 73ft (3D) head lengths.The 1D, 2D and 3D Spey lines are each colour-coded, providing the angler with an easily identifiable choice to suit specific river and weather requirements and identify the precise loading points for optimum casting performance every time. 
The 2D lines will keep the benefit of the extra 10ft extension on the running line. This was added to increase the overall length to 120' when the casting performance of the 2D lines on modern rods out grew the original design length of 110ft.  
The conventional length of running line was no longer enough to accommodate the ability of most of todays anglers and rods, with a 2D line in their hands. Spey casting, distance presentation can now be fulfilled in 21st century style and this most popular and now enhanced 2D line, will accommodate the new levels of performance in Spey casting

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