Swarovski Binocular Booster for EL & SLC

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Screw in adaptor that turns the Binocular into a telescope. It fixes into one half of the binocular body to double the magnification on that particular side.

For all EL and SLC models (except 8 x 30 WB). Will double the magnification. Example: the booster converts the SLC 15x56 WB into a monocular telescope with 30x magnification. Easy to assemble. Simply unscrew one of the two twist-in eyecups and screw on booster.

2x doubler designed for select Swarovski SLC and EL binoculars
Delivers twice the magnification of binocular's initial lenses
Attaches to eyecup after twist-in piece is removed
Turns binocular into powerful monocular telescope
Fits Swarovski SLC 56, EL 32, SLC 50, and SLC 42 models



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