Rio Skagit Max VersiTip SPEY

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Rio Skagit VersiTip. 650gr/42gm. 550gr/36gm. Skagit casting requires a line with a very short, 25-27 ft (7.6-8.3 m), heavy head that propels heavy sink tips and big flies great distances with a very short casting stroke. Skagit casting is easy for novice or experienced casters to learn. When casting Skagit lines the total head length should be matched to the rod; the total head length including the sink tip should be no more than 3 – 31/2 times the length of the rod, with many anglers now prefering a setup somewhere just below this length A COMPLETE, READY-TO-GO package for the Skagit angler • Powerful front end to easily cast large flies and fast sinking tips • Unique design with subtle tapers that throw long casts and generate tight loops • Includes a balanced set of sink tips and shooting line in a ready-to-go package RIO’s Skagit VersiTip is a ready-to-go line system for the two handed angler. Each package includes a Skagit Flight shooting head that is designed to cast large flies and fast sinking tips with ease. Also included is a balanced set of three MOW tips to cover changing fishing conditions and an appropriately sized shooting line. Each Skagit head features exceptionally neat, welded loops on both ends for the fastest of rigging. The easy ID loops show what head size it is; attach this end to the shooting line. KIT INCLUDES: • Skagit Fly Tip • RIO Shooting Line • MOW Tip floating • MOW Tip with 2.5’ sinking • MOW Tip 10’ COMPATIBLE TIPS • RIO 15’ Sink Tips • MOW Tips

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