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Lee Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Lines / Royal Wulff Products

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The Triangle Taper Lines have earned the deserved reputation for their excellent casting abilities and being able to achieve delicate presentation, as well as distance. Combines the best features of double taper and weight forward fly lines.  It's like a double taper for the first 30+feet, with a varying belly length according to the line weight, followed by a back taper and shooting line.  Excellent for roll casts and mending lines.  Available in various head lengths.

TTSP 9 I 70'Taper 120 Ft./36 M. Aqua Salmon Spey

TTSP 10 I 70'Taper 50'Running 120 Ft./36 M. Aqua Salmon Spey

TTSP 10 F 80'Taper 120 Ft./36 M. Ivory Salmon Spey

TTSP 11 I 78'Taper 42'Running 120 Ft./36 M. Aqua Salmon Spey

TTSP 9 ST 14'Sink Tip 80'Taper 120 Ft./36 M. Ivory Salmon Spey

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