Bruce and Walker

Bruce and Walker Norway 12' Rod #7/9

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The Norway Speycaster rods were originally made for the bigger and fast flowing Norwegian rivers, but we have reduced the power somewhat to suit the rivers closer to home. A middle to tip action rod; no fuss, no frills, just a perfect, all round fishing rod. You will feel the response of the rod from tip to butt. This rod needs no effort at all to cast as it has enormous reserves of power. This Norway series of rods is for the person who wants a rod to do everything, equally well. Fast sink lines and heavy tube flies; floating, intermediate; will cast with ease, letting the rod do all the work. 12' Mk II #7-9 3 piece This is a perfect grilse - salmon rod, ideal for small and medium rivers. It is a must for newcomers to the sport, with its forgiveness of one's inaccuracies. It has a very kind action and is very easy to put out a nice line.

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