Bruce and Walker

Bruce and Walker Powerlite 14' Rod #9/10

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A fantastic range of rods for every salmon fisherman. The Powerlite Speycaster rods are constructed from high quality special carbons made to our own specifications. This gives a fuller, deeper action, yet retaining the crispness needed for today's modern fly lines. These are wonderful rods for those medium sized Scottish rivers, but equally powerful enough to cope with fast flowing Russian rivers. This series of rods will Spey cast and roll cast with ease and grace, and not tire you at all. Let the rods do the work , and just enjoy your fishing. This rod has such an easy action, yet still retains fast recovery and has the crispness to maximise your cast. It will suit everyone from expert casters to Mr Average, and makes light of all casting, from short, long to extra-long spey casts.

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