Bruce and Walker

Bruce and Walker Kola 16' 3" Rod #10/11

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The Kola Speycaster rod will fish all lines, including floating, sinking, intermediate and shooting head. These rods have feeling and action from the very tip of the rod, right through to the butt, yet it has a fast recovery to enable you to cast much further, with far less effort. This rod has slightly more feeling through the butt. The Kola Speycaster rod has the distinct advantage of a unique multi purpose two top sections - #9-10 and #10-11. Ideally convenient for you to change the top to suit your fishing conditions. Length 16'3" Line Rating 9-10 and 10-11 Sections 3 ( 2 top sections ).  The Kola rod is powerful, but with a forgiving butt section. It has a lower, deeper action than a Norway rod. It is suitable for all year round fishing, and will fish floating to heavy sunk lines. This rod comes supplied with two inter-changeable top sections, giving different line ratings.

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